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Flip Sheeting Plates:

“Most people don’t look at the back of their plates. Why would you, right? The truth is most collectors use the back of the plate to write notes or to price them. Wisconsin did something unique back in the day. When manufacturing license plates back in the 90s, they didn’t want to waste old truck sheeting. They had extra rolls around. So, they used the back of the sheeting to make plates. In doing so making a unique flip sheeting plate.

Since this was done to save materials there is not a lot of information out there on this subject. Most of this research is based on what has been found in the collecting world. The colors found so far are robin egg blue, light blue, dark blue, yellow, orange, white, gray, black, and pink on the auto-sized plates. I have only found a few motorcycle plates with sheeting on the back. That motorcycle plate has a reflective sheeting on the back.

How rare is each color?
Is it truly unknown how many of each were made this way. So, from what I have seen in all my years of collecting is black, robin egg blue, and gray are the hardest to find. I have seen a lot of the darker blues and pink.

I have been asked if there is an easy way to spot these plates?
The easiest way to find these plates is just to simply look at the back of the plate.

Is there are known ranges out there?
There are types and series that have a high chance of being a flip sheeting plate. I have put together a breakdown of ranges but this is only from my collection.”

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